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Issue 39 – The Stonewall Issue

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EDC Las Vegas

Peace, love, unity, respect- P.L.U.R. The credo has long since been what has attracted people to raves and festivals. The camaraderie, the lifestyle, the way people look out for people, it’s why we rave. It's why we take to the desert of Las Vegas every year to take in the energy of nearly 170,000 people.

Bursting Through

Bursting Through is the storytelling movement for Queer/Straight relationships. Stories are the most powerful change agent in the world—they have the power to change hearts, minds, attitudes and ultimately lives.

Celebrating Latin PRIDE

Josie Cavallari and Jeffrey Alvarez arrived at El Mercado in The Boulevard Mall with quiet confidence that became more evident as we set-up among the quinceañera dresses and bold colors on display in the tienditas. It doesn’t take long to see why the pair is a walking embodiment of orgullo (PRIDE). Their undeniable charisma cuts through the curious stares of shopkeepers and onlookers.

Binary Code

I sat down with D Marcucci in the afternoon at my home here in Las Vegas. They sat on a large area rug centered on the floor of a large open living room, surrounded by house plants with a 1970’s orange, gold, and leopard print theme, called The Leopard Lounge. A normal interview might be conducted on a pair of opposing chairs or couches, but I knew this typical strategy wouldn’t work.

Credit Card Debt – Problems, Fixes, and Prevention

America’s outstanding credit card debt topped $935 billion last year, the highest level since 2008, according to the latest statistics from the Federal Reserve. On a practical level, the average indebted household owes more than $8,000, the highest amount since the start of the Great Recession, according to a recent study from credit card search engine CardHub.

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