AstroloTea with Etheric Medicina

By Etheric Medicina

Sometimes I miss that mid-1990’s feeling of being a young, naïve queer with an entire summer break of possibilities ahead of me. Well, okay, my summer breaks were just as horrendous as the rest of the year, but you get the point. Freedom; play; adventure; childlike wonder; carefree heart…the gifts of being a kid. And let’s not forget the other joys of childhood: temper tantrums, feelings of unfairness, emotional repression, lack of autonomy, stomach ulcers from the emotional repression…macaroni necklaces? If you’re anything like me, your “inner child” oscillates between joyously free, and frustratingly insecure; from excitedly curious to cynically doubtful; between innocently playful and spitefully angry. Paying attention to similar pieces of yourself this season is going to be super helpful and supportive, because July and August have quite the summer break planned for us. It will bring us a nostalgic “school’s out” vibe and also reconnect us with some forgotten (or buried) bits of our childhood identity.

Etheric Medicina

Etheric Medicina

If you’re like the rest of us in sinfully sweaty Las Vegas, you’ve been “feeling the heat” already since May. Don’t overdo the refreshing bottomless mimosas and splashy dayclubs yet, though, because July is coming with record-breaking temperatures…and I hope that you have some AC for your soul. July begins in the heart of Cancer season (June 21-July 23) – the watery season of the hermit crab, emotional foundations, and experiences that frequently end in crying. (I recommend carrying around those cute little pocket-packs of tissuessuper convenient.) This year’s season will be especially “feely,” as several planets and astrological bodies will travel through the Cancer constellation during July. This will add to its sensitivity and emotional availability, and we’ll all just have so many feelings. A dwarf planet named Ceres, and a sun-like star named Kronos will play a part in the unfolding of Cancer season. In Astrology, Ceres is the mother figure and Kronos is the (spiteful) father. Mommy and Daddy issues, anyone?

Astrologically, the evolving theme this sensitive season is one of unearthing some childhood aspects of ourselves – pieces that possess both our greatest gifts, and also our core wounds. The key here is just that: our deepest cuts contain our most purposeful and powerful expressions. Because remember: behind every sobbing, snot-faced queer kid is a lifetime of trauma that somehow led to avant-garde fashion senses and despairing sass for days. And isn’t that something for which to be grateful? You’re welcome. Emotionally, we will experience a lot of hot (but not sexy) energy through July; anger, rage, frustration, irritation, impatience, spite, instigation, vitriol. Pay attention to when they come up and remember that these emotions are not true to your authentic nature – they are fiery emotions that you have been holding onto since you were a child. And because of Ceres and Kronos teaming up with what is called “Dark Moon Lilith” (a mathematical location in the solar system), the deeper layer of this story tells us about the volatile emotions that we have that are the result of unhealthy power dynamics and control dramas played out with our parents. This storyline continues through mid-August, when the pressure valve finally releases.

Moral of July’s story? Feel emotions. Don’t smear your makeup when you cry. Love the pieces of yourself that want to throw a tantrum. Resist cussing out that bitch that disrespected you. Heal the childhood wounds connected to your parents so that you can access your greatest sources of authenticity, power, and purpose. July’s opportunities will most definitely bring us into connection with deep purposes and how to carry them out going forward.

As we move into August, Leo season sparks up (July 23-August 23) and our egos get a little more pep in their step. Leo is empowerment season, and a time for us to connect with our passions, follow our bliss, and soak up the limelight. It is important to have done the work in July of reconnecting with our childhood self, because that version of us is the one that knows our truest joys and passions. August will also bring us a lot of clarity that compels us to expand in ways that used to be uncomfortable. The end of summer and the clarity that it brings will come through a release of fantasy, which isn’t always fun. Allowing ourselves to let go of the delusions that prevent us from recognizing truth, we will be able to see what is real, and what we have been lying to ourselves about. This self-realization can help us step into power and freedom that we maybe thought someone else controlled (hello, Mommy/Daddy issues from July, clarified). August’s story is one of self-liberation, truth, and the release of parental trauma that has subconsciously influenced our patterns of self-disempowerment, self-sabotage, self-deprecation, etc.

Something else to point out in August is how planet Venus will enter the Leo constellation on the 12th of the month. The term “summer fling” couldn’t be any truer than when Venus is in Leo during the summer – I should know, as Venus was in Leo when I was born during the summer, and “flings” are my own personal brand of torturous romantic short stories. Especially after an emotional, triggering, potentially angry Cancer season in July, the distraction of a sexy something to channel our hot-and-bothered energy into sounds deserved. I would encourage personal awareness around this, especially with other planetary activity that will naturally push us to rebel, act out, and make less than wise decisions mid-month. When planet Venus is in the sign of Leo, we can experience intense, hot, passionate connections with people out of nowhere – and those connections will usually leave just as suddenly as they came in. Be aware of the intimate experiences that you’re creating, and especially the intentions behind creating them.

And while there is so much “serious” work being done during both July and August, please don’t forget what Leo season is all about: doing the things that bring you authentic joy. I always liken Leo season to being our own personal TV show. I’m the star of my show, and you are the star of yours. Shine the spotlight on yourself. Wear the loud outfit to the quiet get-together. Speak (or sing) into a microphone. Promote your beautiful artwork everywhere. This is the season of being experienced – seen, heard, felt, and smelled – so take a damned shower because it’s summer, put on your favorite clothes, find center stage, and deliver yourself to us. Take advantage of the liberation of Leo season, because the end of August brings us Virgo season, which will be filled with tasks and chores, assignments and to-do lists that won’t leave much time for stages and sequins.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 39

This article was published as a digital exclusive for the 2022 Stonewall Issue of Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine.