Annual PRIDE Night Parade Awards

All contingents participating in the annual Las Vegas PRIDE Night Parade are judged (see sample judging sheet) by a panel of celebrity guest judges from the Las Vegas community as their contingent passes the parade grandstand.  Award recipients are announced on this page following each year’s celebration.

PRIDE Parade Awards

  • Best Walking/Marching Entry
  • Best Decorated Vehicle
  • Best Float
  • Rainbow Award – Best Use of PRIDE (Rainbow) Colors
  • Best Drag Award
  • Diversity Award
  • Grand Diva Award – Best Overall Parade Entry


Judging occurs at Parade Grandstand in the following categories:

Originality – 1 to 10
Concept of overall unit (homemade vs. store bought)

Presentation – 1 to 10
Overall visual appeal

Showmanship – 1 to 10
Group unity, smiling, working the crowd, having fun

Use of Lights – 1 to 10
Effective use of lights

Rainbow Award (PRIDE) – 1 to 10
Best use of rainbow colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

Drag it Out – 1 to 10
Drag Queens & Kings

Overall Impression – 1 to 10
The “WOW” Factor

Award winners are announced below.

Previous Parade Award Recipients