Mid Modern Casa

It’s complicated. That would be the best way to describe how the home that is now lovingly called the Mid Mod Casa came to fruition from its brainchild Chris Cope. Cope and his husband Michael Moats have had a journey with their house. Somehow, their adventures along the way led to what is now their Mid Modern Casa.

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Hard Summer – Soft Landing

On a scorching weekend at the end of July, the NOS Event Center in San Bernadino, California we witnessed Insomniac Events do it again. Hard Summer Festival’s line-up was packed with talent across different genres and intensities. Every single event Insomniac produces they make the right call, with the right combination of line-up, with the right ambiance, in the right setting.

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Frankie Fictitious

Frankie Fictitious lived many lives before her rise to burlesque infamy. This small-town girl from The Bay has been dancing since she was six, she was the lead guitarist in an all-girl band, she studied painting in college, and has always had a passion for art. One fateful day in San Francisco, Fictitious witnessed the power and sexuality of the incredible Dita Von Teese.

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GAY ASStrology Dance Party

If you’re a part of the queer scene near Los Angeles, you have assuredly heard of the Gay Asstrology Party. The once monthly astrology-centered party in the heart of LA provides a safe space for every queer person no matter their identity, age, race, or birthdays (looking at you Scorpios). Judgment is left at the door and self-expression reigns.

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New York Pride Recap

The one word to describe, the vibe, energy, love and community of New York Pride is electric. From Friday June 24th to Sunday June 26th millions of LGBTQ members and ally’s flocked to all different parts of New York City. On Friday, the world got word that Roe v. Wade was overturned and our entire community felt the full force of devastation.

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Chelsea Gray

As I sat down with Chelsea Gray at Tailgate Social it was easy to see why she has found success in the WNBA. Her height and physique hint at her status as an elite athlete and leader, but it quickly becomes clear that she has the brains to back it up.

Chelsea Gray2022-08-17T19:38:12-07:00
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