Art Classes for Kids Return for Summer 2022 Season

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Art Classes for Kids will host its ART CAMP series in person this summer. Created by beloved Las Vegas artist and teacher Kim Bavington, ART CAMP teaches young artists lessons in art history as well as fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpting in an enthusiastic environment.

Art Classes for Kids Return for Summer 2022 Season2022-04-21T14:43:31-07:00

What an Event!

What makes a great Pride event? A grand parade, big entertainment, fun events, and activities? A social cause to support and advance? Who would a Pride ask for help or advice? While on the surface, a Pride event seems like any other festival or parade, there is nothing quite like Pride!

What an Event!2022-04-21T14:43:50-07:00

Gay Tripping

Tis the season for wildflower blooms, day hiking and maybe even checking out a nearby hot spring. So if you are looking for something to do on those hard earned days off, pack a cooler, grab a friend, hop in the car because we are going gay tripping.

Gay Tripping2022-04-21T14:11:22-07:00

Everyone is a VIP at Cheapshot

Come one, come all to Cheapshot, a palace of varieties at 517 E. Fremont St. Suite that opened in early April. Presented by the notorious “Miss Behave” Amy Saunders, and Corner Bar Management, the creators behind some of Vegas’ most imaginative destinations, Cheapshot showcases a loose, live, and down ‘n’ dirty entertainment.

Everyone is a VIP at Cheapshot2022-04-21T13:36:51-07:00

PrEP Rally

The Foundation for Recovery will join The Center and Huntridge Family Clinic to host a PrEP Rally from 10:30 am to 2 pm on June 11 at The Center, 401 S. Maryland Pkwy.

PrEP Rally2022-04-21T13:28:37-07:00

Binary Code

Sipping leisurely out of a classic white coffee cup, Amy Saunders more notoriously known as Miss Behave, was wearing a pushed-back black hat casually scrunched toward the back of their head and an oversized black t-shirt with a large, asymmetric white cat graphic.

Binary Code2022-04-21T13:22:55-07:00
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