AstroloTea with Etheric Medicina

The months of May and June are ripe with astrological activity that will impact us on both personal and societal levels, and I’m here to give you the planetary business, the AstroloTea, if you will. Collectively, we are moving through a death and rebirth process that is reshaping the ways in which we commune, relate, and connect. Individually, we are being challenged with recognizing many ways in which we are not being true to ourselves. The months of May and June are here to help us do a bit of internal and external renovation. And I mean some soul-seeking and self-help, not a nose job or new wig.

Based on the movements of the planets throughout this month and next, it is clear that we are experiencing an upheaval of belief systems, changes in authority structures, and tectonic plates shifting beneath our feet. This month is about establishing some sort of new foundations for ourselves. Though, in order to create a new foundation, we will need to take a jackhammer to the old one that our heels are delicately balanced on. Welcome to May, Taurus season, the time for us to take an honest look at the ground beneath our feet.

Like an unwavering bull (or bear, if that’s what you’re into) holding its ground, Taurus season brings us the gift of realized stability and security. A period of introspection comes with this, though: What are the four pillars holding up my castle? What core values and personality traits have I molded my sense of identity around? What relationships do I keep intertwined in my roots? And – do any of these things actually contribute to the enrichment, success, peace, and purpose that I deserve to experience in my life? May & Taurus season show us that when we take an honest look at the people, places, activities, and work that we surround ourselves with, we get to recognize what is not actually doing anything supportive for us anymore. Now is a great time to truly discern the health of some of your most intimate relationships. So, take a look because once June comes around, it will be time to study, socialize, and make new connections.

For the LGBTQ+ community, June represents the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the first Gay Pride marches recorded in our country’s history. I love the bold correlation to Astrology here, because June is primarily the month of Gemini season– the sign of duality, humanity, light & dark, the masculine & feminine. Gemini reminds us of everything that we need to witness, accept, love, and integrate within ourselves. Gemini shows us that we are the good and the bad; the endearing and the annoying; the playful and the spiteful; the one whom spreads intelligence and the one who started the rumor about you in sixth grade. Yes, that bitch. That is Gemini. This season will ask you to identify and integrate two polar opposite pieces of yourself, and you will be delivered opportunities to do so in some challenging and triggering ways.

June will come with some hot-tempered planetary movements and will show us where our anger issues, insecurities, codependency, and unhealed childhood wounds have been hiding. We will be given access to the two-year-old inside of us that was never allowed to safely have temper tantrums or breakdowns. We will be asked to honor the hurt, angry, traumatized child inside so that we can integrate them into our lives in healthy, supportive, loving ways. This will happen to everyone in some form, which means we will all be responding to sensitive situations like children. Be patient, be gentle, be nurturing and supportive – both for yourself, and for others. On a global level, this leads to June ending with a redefinition of certain authoritative, governmental, and hierarchical structures. Power dynamics will morph, both on personal and societal levels. Therefore, it is so important to do the foundational work of May & Taurus season before all of this; we all need to be grounded, secure, stable, and planted on healthy foundations as these shifts take place.

As we move through the heart of Spring and into the start of Summer, begin to ask yourself what fruits and flowers you’re growing in your internal garden. Spring’s crop is from last year’s die-off, and it shows us where we left off in our personal growth story. Do you want to carry the same fruits into Summer, or are you ready to plant new seeds already?

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 38

This article was originally published in the 2022 Spring Issue of Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine, and can be read in its original format here.