LGBT+ Rights & Foreign Policy

A run through of the importance of promoting LGBT+ rights abroad, and tools governments like the UK and the US use to do so.

LGBT+ Rights & Foreign Policy2022-03-01T19:47:53-08:00

PR Basics & Best Practices

Development & Fundraising Basics Workshop Session 3 Friday, March 4th, 2:30 pm Panelists include:  Jennifer Bradley, Richard Robinson, and Matthew Seltzer Overview: Join us for an in-depth panel-style discussion about PR Basics and Best Practices   About Jennifer Bradley: Jennifer Bradley is celebrating seven years at her own public [...]

PR Basics & Best Practices2022-03-03T19:50:38-08:00

The Justice Side of Pride

Join San Diego Pride executive director, Fernando Lopez for a presentation and roundtable discussion regarding the Pride movement's role within the broader intersectional social justice movement. Attendees will leave with resources and strategies to build scalable community-led justice-centered programming, events, and messaging as well as a better understanding of your 501c3's ability to advocate for issues.

The Justice Side of Pride2022-02-24T17:15:01-08:00

BIPOC Meetup

BIPOC Meetup Friday, March 4th, 9:30 am Facilitated by Nicole Williams   About Nicole Williams: Nicole Williams, Founder of House of Vegas Pride Summer Cultural Festival that was created to uplift the voices within the LGBTQ Community. The weekend features a series of celebrity hosted diverse urban entertainment at [...]

BIPOC Meetup2022-02-25T14:49:06-08:00

Finding Your Why & PRIDE 365 Programming

Many of us are on a quest to discover our purpose in PRIDE, and in life in general. If you are on this journey, we hope that this session will help you in your search.

Finding Your Why & PRIDE 365 Programming2022-02-20T13:20:12-08:00

Marketing – You Need a Plan

Marketing without a plan is like waiting for your garden to grow without sowing the seeds. The more care and attention you put into your marketing plan, the more fruitful your marketing will be. Join us for an in-depth discussion on how to implement an impactful marketing program to ensure your event's success. 

Marketing – You Need a Plan2022-02-20T13:00:26-08:00
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