Social Imperatives for Pride Organizers to Support LGBTQ Seniors

This session will involve a presentation on why it is important to engage LGBTQIA+ seniors as well as a discussion with an advocate from Stonewall generation about ways to make your PRIDE celebrations welcoming and more age friendly. It will begin with a brief presentation about why and how to make your PRIDE celebrations more welcoming for LGBTQIA+ seniors. Then we will hold a discussion with Judy Bowenwiener, is a 77-year-old self-proclaimed “Equality-For-All activist,” who lived on Christopher Street at the time of the Stonewall Riots, and she marched with the Gay Activists Alliance in the first PRIDE March.

Social Imperatives for Pride Organizers to Support LGBTQ Seniors2022-02-16T16:08:04-08:00

Mental Health Round Table

The LGTBQ community has increased risks for mental health and substance use disorders, yet the resources are insufficient. Let's talk about ways to educate community providers to be more LGTBQ affirmative and increase the amount of resources available.

Mental Health Round Table2022-02-16T13:44:20-08:00

Party Smart and Sexual Violence Prevention

This workshop is a sexual assault awareness course covering topics such as consent, sexual assault laws, trauma, and how to help victims of sexual violence. It will also go over party safety tips and active bystander intervention. This workshop is a portion of our Party Smart campaign, which is a public awareness campaign to prevent sexual violence within the nightlife space.

Party Smart and Sexual Violence Prevention2022-02-20T12:17:05-08:00

Cultural Competency vs. Cultural Humility

This workshop stresses the importance of awareness of different cultures, as well as one’s own culture, and the continued effort of education and self awareness. It’s not a one and done situation. It’s must be a life journey.

Cultural Competency vs. Cultural Humility2022-02-16T13:11:11-08:00

Fighting The Same Battles: Veterans & LGBTQIA+ Communities

Veterans are often overlooked and underappreciated. This brings to light the importance of outreach to veterans and how we can better advocate for each other since our issues are so interconnected. A discussion about breaking down assumptions, opportunities for building more inclusive Pride spaces, and how our issues are closely related. The workshop will be provided with print materials in addition to engaged discussions.

Fighting The Same Battles: Veterans & LGBTQIA+ Communities2022-02-16T13:02:44-08:00
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