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Las Vegas PRIDE Royalty

Las Vegas PRIDE Adult Royalty Titles represent countless hours of volunteering, dedication, and hard work. Applicants interested in holding a title from Las Vegas PRIDE must demonstrate their dedication to the organization before being considered a qualified candidate. Youth Royalty Titles are competed for during the Annual Las Vegas PRIDE Youth Pageant.

General Information

The following list of qualifications are an outline to help applicants interested in becoming Las Vegas PRIDE Royalty as well as the community at large understand the commitment and responsibility placed on the title holder. Unlike a traditional pageant title, the Las Vegas PRIDE titleholder must earn their title through dedication to the organization and hard work.

Adult Royalty Qualifications & Standards

*PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for any of our Adult Pride Royalty titles you must meet ALL requirements.


  1. You will meet with PRIDE Royalty Coordinator – Ernie Yuen – All requirements will be presented and reviewed.
  2. You will be asked to volunteer with the PARADE COMMITTEE for at least 6 consecutive months prior to being nominated for any title. You are dedicating your time to SNAPI for almost a year, shadowing the current royalty and helping with Pride Parade and SNAPI events. You are also being asked to help with costuming; SNAPI event set up’s and tear down (strike). Some applicants may also have past experience being part of another 501c3 being their titleholder and will also count as experience.
  3. As a volunteer, it is to your best interest to travel with the Pride Board and current royalty, you must also volunteer at Las Vegas Pride Family Bingos as a Bingo Babe- first Wednesday of every month.
  4. You need to be financially able to travel with Pride (*NOTE: an estimate of travel expenses will be given to the Parade Committee prior to any travel).
  5. The Royalty Coordinator to the Board of Directors nominates all titles for PRIDE Royalty. A Question and Answer session is done and a vote of Yes or No on nomination is called for, and if approved an appointed is confirmed by the PRIDE Board.

Title Descriptions

  • Mr. Las Vegas PRIDE – A gay male or a transgender male (female to male)
  • Miss Las Vegas PRIDE – A female impersonator, cross dresser, drag queen or a female transgender
  • Ms. Las Vegas PRIDE – A lesbian female or a transgender female (male to female)
  • Community Ally – an outstanding member of Las Vegas as a whole (gay, straight, male, female or transgender)

Commitments (Code of Conduct)

  1. As a representative of our organization, Titleholders must maintain generally acceptable candor, composure, poise, language, and behavior, at all times.
  2. All Titleholders must remain in good standing in their community. Titleholders must not engage in any activity, which is illegal. Committing a crime while representing the Organization, while in or out of Crown and Sash, will result in immediate irrevocable termination of their title, not requiring further review or vote of the Board.
  3. Attendance by current Royalty is of the utmost importance. Current Titleholders are expected to attend all Official Las Vegas Pride events, and all SNAPI Sponsored events. Any absence or tardiness must be communicated to the Royalty Chairperson. It is the responsibility of the Royalty Chairperson to assess and communicate attendance issues to the Board for review.
  4. As a representative of SNAPI, it is explicitly required that any Titleholder promotes the Organization’s Mission Statement, “To educate the community by invoking, promoting, and celebrating LGBT PRIDE.” It is recommended for any Titleholder to donate all monies donated to them while representing the Organization back to the General Fund.
  5. In accordance with the Bylaws of the Organization, it explicitly forbidden for Titleholders to represent themselves to the Media without the express consent of the President.
  6. It is required that Titleholders create and maintain an Official Facebook page, separate from their personal social media profiles. This page must be maintained frequently, and it is required that our Royalty’s page reflects their attendance and support of the main PRIDE events pages. This profile must reflect appropriate and acceptable content exclusively, and must not represent political or questionably offensive or divisive content. Questionable content will be subject to review by the Royalty committee, and requests to remove, omit, or edit content must be complied with immediately. The Royalty committee will share access to this page for safety and security of our Titleholder and our Organization.
  7. Coordinating Royalty concerns is the role of the Royalty Committee. Questions, concerns, and comments pertaining to general issues first need to be filtered through this Committee first.
  8. Concepts for performances, costumes, props, and songs must be disclosed to and coordinated with a member of the Royalty Committee in advance. Any member of the Royalty Committee can edit or omit content that they do not find appropriate for the venue or the event.

Costuming (Dress Code)

  1. The official dress code of Mr. Las Vegas PRIDE is, official Sash, and attire appropriate and acceptable, catering to the environment in which the Titleholder will be representing or performing. Regardless of the nature of the event or venue, it is required that Mr. Las Vegas PRIDE wears at minimum a Speedo and appropriate footwear.
  2. The official dress code of Miss Las Vegas PRIDE is, official Sash, Crown, and attire appropriate and acceptable, catering to the environment in which the Titleholder will be representing or performing. Regardless of the nature of the event or venue, it is required that Miss Las Vegas PRIDE wear at minimum a publicly appropriate two-piece bikini and appropriate footwear.
  3. Crown and Sash are property of SNAPI during reign. Crown and Sash remains SNAPI Property until the approved completion of a Titleholders’ Reign. With the approval of the Royalty Chairperson, Crown and Sash will be gifted to Titleholders, after their reign has ended.
  4. It is the responsibility of Titleholders to actively participate in the design concept and creation of their official Parade costumes. Titleholders are expected to participate in costume workshops and must maintain their costumes regularly.

Additional Information

  1. The Board of Directors retains the right to add, edit, or remove any requirement contained in this document by recommendation of the Royalty Coordinator and approval by vote of the Board.
  2. The Board of Directors retains the right to review Titleholders’ behavior, effectiveness, and commitment to their Title. The Royalty Coordinator retains the right to suspend active Titles during any review proceeding, and must notify the party involved and must gain the approval of the Board of Directors. Issues requiring permanent action will be brought to the Board to review, at the next organized meeting. The Board retains the right to review Royalty issues presented to them, and can edit, omit, add, and remove requirements, titles, and representatives by their vote.