Over the Top Living

Confidently Be Who You Are

By Norman J. Liverpool

Confidence is always something we can use more of. It is what sets us apart, unleashes our YOUnicorn Power, and shifts us into the Confident Lifestyle.

In order to truly make this mindset shift, we must retrain our brain on how we see the world – and it starts with how we see ourselves.

“Sometimes it is when you become exhausted of your old habits where you then observe all the dislikes in your life, and you begin living more consciously. You realize that you have a choice in every matter. That your life becomes that which you focus on and that at any time you can assert your personal will power to become what you want to be and not become what the outside circumstances may attempt to mold you into.” – Jason Micheal Ratliff

Photograph of Norman J. Liverpool

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines unleash as a verb meaning to free from or as if from a leash to let loose. To throw, shoot, or set in motion forcefully.

When I first read this, it sounded kind of harsh. Words like throw, forcefully. But then I thought about what we’re really talking about. We are talking about doing what it takes to live your life unapologetically and unashamed – and sometimes that is a fight. I had to fight all the bullshit I was taught, the crap that I began to believe about myself. Finding your voice is the first step, but what’s next.

The purpose of tapping into and unleashing your YOUnicorn Power is to propel you into The Confident Lifestyle. This confidence comes from only doing the work to truly know yourself, accept yourself, and know that you are exactly who you were meant to be. You recognize that power in finding your voice and sharing your story.

During this shift, we also realize motivation will only get you so far. Dedication takes you the rest of the way. I remember when I started working out. At first, I was super motivated and excited to go. That lasted about a week before I was dreading getting up at 4:30 am to work out. But then I remembered why I was doing it. My mindset shifted from the motivation to work out to dedication to the goal I set. Practicing this conditions you to be the type of person that always walks in next-level confidence.

Over the Top Living

If you’re are anything like me, sometimes you allow self-doubt and fear to creep in and sabotage ourselves before we even get started. We literally stand in our own way. When this happens, I use a technique called “The Catch & Switch.” First, you catch that negative thought or negative self-talk and switch it to a positive affirming opposite of the original thought. The more I practiced this, the easier it became to silence the crappy thoughts, and BS lies that I told myself about myself.

The thing is, you know you’re different. You see it when you look in the mirror, when you speak, when you walk. I am so excited to share my new column for Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine, “Over the Top Living” with you. So, buckle up – you’re in for a ride.

About the Author

Norman J. Liverpool IV, the Confident Lifestyle coach, author, and motivational speaker is the founder of Over the Top Living, based in Las Vegas, NV.

Norman started Over the Top Living to be a voice in the LGBTQ+ Community. He shares his story and uses his voice to empower all people to live in their truth and to live out loud, unashamed.

The organization engages with the community by producing a monthly webcast, the Council of Guncles, various confidence-building programs and challenges in addition to supporting his clients nationwide.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 33

This article was originally published in the Family & Pets Issue of Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine, and can be read in its original format here.