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As we slip into October following the Autumn Equinox (September 22nd), we can take what we learned about ourselves in September and integrate that into more social and interpersonal dynamics. September 23rd initiates Libra season, which activates the socialite within. Under the influence of Libra, we receive opportunities for fun, lightheartedness, and friendly connection. The idea is that we got the work done during Virgo season, and now we can play and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Get cute (and stay warm), accept the invitation (or create it), go the party, and get your social butterfly on. Doing the integrative and emotional work that September presents us with opens space for us to be able to relate, connect, and build rapport with friends and new connections…and it doesn’t hurt that Libra is notoriously known for their unintentional flirtatiousness. Get your giggle on, and remain open to the many different types of intimacies that exist. Libra energy opens the door for great and genuine friendships and the deepening of existing relationships. Enjoy offerings to engage in interpersonal connections and remember how nice it feels to be in the mix and mingle of a good gathering or two…or ten.

Etheric Medicina

Etheric Medicina

An interesting occurrence taking place for a few weeks in October is that Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, will be having a difficult interaction with an astrological point in the sky called Dark Moon Lilith. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, and Dark Moon Lilith can be seen as the shadow aspect of Venus. Lilith represents the parts of us that seek freedom and power, and do not want to be controlled. With these two characters having a difficult interaction, we can find some tension in relationships that feel overbearing or controlling. When we feel caged or backed into a corner in this experience, the natural reflex will be to break free – to fight back, get on top, and show how much power we have. While the essence of Libra season embodies harmony and compassion, we may find it difficult to be gentle or graceful in the face of feeling overpowered or having our basic human rights infringed upon. There are other planets (Saturn and Uranus) that will add to the feelings of restriction and limitation, and further trigger us into resisting anything that feels like someone trying to have authority.

Towards the end of the month when the Sun shifts and we enter Scorpio season, the vice grips of restriction will lessen, and we will find ourselves wanting to connect with others in more intimate ways. While “intimacy” doesn’t need to translate as sex or physical intimacy, let’s be honest…Scorpios lurve to connect through passion and physical connection. Yes, I see you little freaks, I know what you’re into. There will be plenty of openings for all sorts of intimacy as this energy builds towards the month of November, and lots of harmonious planetary alignments will have us feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful. So don’t be afraid to activate your inner Cover Girl and own the magnetically mystical vibrations (or pheromones) that Scorpio season powders us with.

All in all, September and October come with a balanced experience of work, play, restriction, freedom, lightheartedness, and heavy emotionality. While it may not be fun to move through the more dense and shadowy aspects of September, they will open us up to feeling light and jovial. Choosing into the discomfort of seeing ourselves outside of our self-defined identities will in turn create space for more true and liberated ways of relating. I invite you to take a deeper look at what “pride” means to you, and to be clear with yourself about why you are proud of certain qualities that you carry – and why you are not proud of the things that you try to veil and dilute. While identity crises can feel unsafe, confusing, and ungrounding, they can also lead us into a much more authentic version of ourselves than we even knew existed.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 41

This article was originally published in the 2022 PRIDE Issue of Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine, and can be read in its original format here.