Cultural Competency vs. Cultural Humility

Workshop Session 3

Friday, March 4th, 2:30 PM
Presented by Richard Brethour-Bell

This workshop will talk about the importance is getting to know cultures that differ from your own. The history, biases, and lingering systemic issues that prevent progression. We counter that with Cultural Humility that focuses on the importance of a lifelong pursuit of education and awareness about different cultures.

About Richard:
Richard is the VP of Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion at InterPride. He’s the Co Director of Community Outreach at El Paso Sun City Pride. He’s an educator, with a Master’s in Health Administration, and holds a special education teaching designation. In addition to his volunteer work, Richard works for New Mexico Corrections Dept, where he creates and disseminates workshops to staff, inmates, and their families on Opioid Overdose Prevention, PTSD, cultural Competency, and Harm Reduction.