PRIDE Parade Rules & Regulations

  1. Application & Entry Fees – All parade applications and admin fees must be received and paid in full by September 29, 2017. Applications received after the deadline will not be listed on-air during the Cox broadcast and the entry will be placed at the end of the parade lineup.
  2. Entry Size – Entry size is limited to 50 participants, unless prior approval is obtained in writing from the Las Vegas PRIDE Parade Committee. Entries are limited to 100 feet long, 10 feet wide and 15 feet tall.
  3. Curfew Guidelines – All participants must carry a current picture identification card from a recognized government entity in order to follow Clark County curfew guidelines
  4. Insurance & Driver’s License – Each vehicle that enters the parade line-up area and/or participates in the parade must have liability insurance, and it’s driver a valid driver’s license, copies of which must be submitted to the Parade Committee. If you are renting a vehicle you may turn in all information at parade check in at 4pm on October 20, 2017.
  5. Emergency Traffic Lanes – Emergency traffic lanes must remain open at all times. These lanes exist in both the staging area and on the parade route and are clearly marked. It is unlawful to park vehicles, decorate units, practice routines, wait or encumber these emergency lanes in any manner at any time.
  6. Drugs & Alcohol – Drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the entire pre-parade assembly area, as well as on the parade route. Participants who are found to have any drugs or alcohol in their possession or found to be under the influence of such, will be removed and their unit will be disqualified from award contention. Please discourage your participants from consuming any alcohol or drugs prior to, or during, the parade.
  7. Parade Handouts / Throwing Items From Your Unit – Due to the danger of physical injury, insurance requirements and littering problems/fines, and disregard of safety regulations by previous parade entrants, all parade participants are forbidden from throwing anything from their unit. Likewise, participants must not, in any fashion, encourage viewers to come out onto the parade route. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY GROUP FOUND TO BE THROWING ANYTHING FROM THEIR UNIT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM JUDGING AND MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SUCCESSIVE PARADES. YOU MUST DISTRIBUTE HANDOUTS VIA HAND PASS ONLY.
  8. Performances – Performances that require your unit to stop or slow down and perform are subject to the following restrictions: (1) performances can only occur at the designated locations to be provided to you in your confirmation package; and (2) performances cannot last longer than 1 minute. Violations of this restriction are cause for removal.
  9. Overcrowded Vehicles – SNAPI reserves the right to remove persons from any float or vehicular unit, which is determined to be overcrowded to such an extent that the unit may break down or cause injury to participants, volunteers or spectators.
  10. Indemnify & Hold Harmless – All applicants are responsible for any and all acts and/or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents, volunteers and/or employees that may result in the injury or damage to themselves their agents, employees, or to third parties. Applicant specifically agrees to indemnify and to hold Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc., it’s agents, servants and employees free and harmless and to defend it/them from any and all claims arising out of any such acts or omissions.
  11. Nudity & Obscenity – Nudity and/or obscenity are not be permitted. Any unit, or the participants thereon, not in compliance will be removed from the parade route, be subject to intervention by law enforcement officials and/or forfeit their chances to participate in future parades.
  12. Noise – Due to noise abatement laws, units are limited to a 5-minute sound check while in the Parade staging area.
  13. Check-In – Check-In will start at 4pm and end at 6:00pm, Any entry checking in after 6:00pm will be bumped to the end of the parade line up. PLEASE NOTE THAT PUSH OUT WILL BEGIN AT 6:30PM AND ALL ENTRIES MUST BE READY BY THIS TIME.
  14. Verification – A member of the parade committee will verify your application is complete and all fees are paid before assigning you a line up position. Paperwork should be completed prior to the mandatory parade meeting. A member of the Parade Committee will contact you via email should your application need additional information for consideration.
  15. Setup – You are responsible for all the items that you brought with you and you must take them with you when you leave. Please remember, the parade finishes at a location different than the staging area. If you are decorating your entry please remember to bring all materials you need, SNAPI will not provide forgotten/missing materials for your entry’s decor.
  16. Entry Numbers – Entry numbers will be provided by the parade committee and will be used by emcee’s and judges to correctly identify your entry. Please place your entry number on the front right side of your entry as follows:
    • Walking Banner: in front of entry, right side of banner
    • Decorated Vehicle: right side of front windshield
    • Decorated Floats: front right side of your float
  17. Signs & Banners – In order to better facilitate parade announcements and TV coverage, a sign or banner providing the name of the organization/business must precede each entry participating in the parade or the entry should have the name prominently displayed on their vehicle. The parade position number presented during check in must be attached to your banner or vehicle window or carried by your designated parade liaison, whichever is most visible to announcers and video cameras.
  18. Marching Together – Groups desiring to march with other groups must make this known to the parade committee chairperson by submitting an email to All requests for such arrangements will be met to the best of our ability but are not guaranteed. No unit is allowed to participate alone or as part of another unit without pre-parade registration with SNAPI. Any unit “crashing” the parade will be removed immediately.
  19. Be Prepared For Step Off – All units must be ready to move, on cue into the parade or the next unit will proceed. The delayed unit will proceed only at the next convenient time as determined by SNAPI parade starter.
  20. Vehicles – All vehicles must have someone present at each vehicle with a key at all times in case the vehicle must be moved. All vehicles are required to be in good operating condition, able to navigate the entire parade route, and able to negotiate all turns
  21. Vehicle Breakdown – Towing charges for any unit that breaks down will be at the applicant’s expense. Any fees associated with repairs, or law enforcement citations are the responsibility of the person signing the parade application.
  22. Flow of Parade – All entries/entrants are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping unless directed by SNAPI staff or at the designated performance area at the Cox broadcast zone. Entrys may only stop and perform for 30 seconds. Parade monitors will assist in maintaining a consistent flow of traffic for the duration of the parade. No gaps between parade contingents of more than 20 feet, PLEASE.
  23. Wheel Walkers / Unit Liaisons – All units are required to supply liaisons to SNAPI. All units with moving vehicles must supply a wheelwalker for each vehicle. Their role is to 1) assist in the safety of those around the vehicle, specifically keeping the area in front of vehicle clear of pedestrians; 2) assist in movement and pacing in the parade of all vehicles and marchers belonging to their unit, and 3) facilitate the progress and safety of the parade in general. Please complete the Designated Parade Wheel Walkers / Liaison form for your unit after completing this application for additional responsibilities. Walkers / liaisons will report directly to SNAPI. Any unit without a walkers/liaison will not be able to participate in the parade.
  24. Removal of Participants – SNAPI reserves the right to remove any persons or unit from the pre-parade assembly area or parade that, in SNAPI’s opinion, is offensive, a hindrance to the progress of the parade, places other participants or spectators in physical danger or violates any regulations in this application.
  25. SNAPI Rights – SNAPI presents the PRIDE Parade for the public as an educational & entertainment event, and reserves all rights as producers. Any reproduction, broadcast, or commercial use of any portion of this event, in whole or in part, in any form is strictly prohibited.
  26. Respect Others – SNAPI requests that all parade participants show respect for all ages, races, cultures, creeds, gender and sexual orientations and refrain from anything that would demean any segment of our community. SNAPI urges all entrants to maintain a high degree of sensitivity to and compassion for the feelings, values and views of others.
  27. Animals in the Parade – Any entry considering use of live animals must provide clean up service for all waste created by animals. Waste cannot be left on the streets. You are also required to be preapproved by the parade committee before submitting your application. Pre-approval may be obtained by writing to
  28. Personal Safety – All parade participants should be aware of the possibility of heat exhaustion and/or stroke. Each participant should be made aware of the hazards associated with a marching unit and its participation in the parade. All entrants are encouraged to bring water or replenishing fluids. SNAPI does not assume or accept responsibility for the health, well-being, or safety of any parade participant.
  29. Mandatory Meeting – All parade participants should be aware of the Mandatory Night Parade Meeting to be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017 (Location TBD). This meeting is MANDATORY FOR ALL PARADE CONTINGENTS and at least one representative from your group must attend. During this meeting, the parade committee will review staging information, rules & regulations, judging & awards, and other important information. Each contingent will also meet briefly with a committee member to make sure all required forms and entry fees have been received.