Entertainment Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Las Vegas PRIDE Festival.  Please complete the following application in order to be considered for inclusion in future PRIDE Celebrations. (Please note, entertainment for the current-year is selected in the first quarter.  Applications received after that time will be considered for future years.)

    Contact Information

    Entertainment Details

    What type of entertainment do you provide?
    Musical Artist (Solo)Musical Group/BandComedyDragDanceEmceeDJOther

    Technical Details

    References/Prior Performances

    Please only upload file sizes of 2mb or less. If your files are larger than 2mb, please do not upload them here. Instead, note this in the box above and we will contact you for further information.


    1. I understand that this application does not constitute an agreement of services, but is an application for consideration to participate as an Entertainer in Las Vegas PRIDE.

    2. I agree to appear in the time/place that is designated to me by Las Vegas PRIDE.

    3. By submitting this application, I am acknowledging that all of the information within is correct and I authorize Las Vegas PRIDE to contact listed references to validate the contents of this application.

    4. If I am selected as an Entertainer at Las Vegas PRIDE, I understand that I may not be entitled to any compensation for my performance and the act that I perform may be done as a donation of my time and talent.