Battle of the Nerds: Trivia Night

PKWY Tavern - Tivoli Village 450 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, United States

BATTLE OF THE NERDS: Trivia Night will see multiple teams playing a series of 7 rounds to win CASH prizes.

You must be an ALL-KNOWING NERD as the categories pull from Sci-Fi Nerd, Music Nerd, Math Nerd, Anime Nerd, Superhero Nerd, Automotive Nerd, Sports Nerd, Politics Nerd, Video Game Nerd, Movie Nerd, Reading Nerd, Computer Nerd, Physics Nerd, Art Nerd, Comic Nerd, History Nerd, TV Series Nerd, Theater Nerd, Hacker Nerd, Animal Nerd.

Aside from the trivia winners, there will be guest question announcers, a solo game with the possibility to win $250, along with plenty of raffle items. Your individual RSVP automatically gets you one raffle ticket, members will receive 5-10 additional tickets. Plus, more tickets will be sold during the event.

The location is Family Friendly. . .

The trivia is Family Friendly. . .

Bring the family for a much-needed break.

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