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Las Vegas PRIDE Parade Official Afterparty at Discopussy
+Kim Ann Foxman & Bored Lord
+Bodywork Residents: A.C. Esme & Brock G

Join us for the Official Afterparty of the Las Vegas PRIDE Parade.
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HE. SHE. THEY – “A place without prejudice for people to be people.” Can you remember when dance music culture was all about breaking down barriers, rather than building them? When it didn’t matter who you were just as long as you were friendly and you could be yourself? Well we feel it’s high time to return to those inclusive, ideological roots. From varied performers, to artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Ellen Allien, Honey Dijon, Magda, Miss Kittin, Dennis Ferrer, Catz n’Dogz, KDA, George Fitzgerald, Heidi, Kim Ann Foxman,Kiddy Smile, Louisahhh, DJ Deeon, Fecal Matter & many more including residents Wax Wings & Maze&Masters; we’re about giving those who push boundaries a platform at venues worldwide including Fabric & Ministry of Sound London, Pacha Ibiza, 99 Scott New York, De Marktkantine Amsterdam, Digital Newcastle, Rex Club Paris, Opium Dublin & Watergate Berlin, and we invite our partygoers to push their own boundaries…

BODYWORK – The language of music and dance is universal at Bodywork. We are a queer forward movement devoted to diverse body jacking experiences. Colorful bodies and minds rendezvous to playfully experiment with self-expression and explore unapologetic authenticity. Bodywork was created by resident DJs A.C. Esme and Brock G as a means of shaping Vegas culture and creating a personal utopia. At it’s heart, Bodywork is at the intersection of queer and counter culture. We take part in a tradition of dance music and while it is for everyone, we acknowledge its origins in queer/POC communities. We pay homage to these roots in the music and artists we play and book. Our passions for pleasure, collaboration, and community runs deep. We are conduits for ecstatic energy and embody openness, intimacy and acceptance. A spectrum of sounds, orientations, movements, genders, styles, statuses and abilities are embraced and celebrated. Dubbed “Vegas Best Club Kid Collective,” we support creative spaces to inspire vulnerability and release inhibitions on the dance floor.