GAY ASStrology Dance Party

Article and Photography by Megan Williams

If you’re a part of the queer scene near Los Angeles, you have assuredly heard of the Gay Asstrology Party. The once monthly astrology-centered party in the heart of LA provides a safe space for every queer person no matter their identity, age, race, or birthdays (looking at you Scorpios). Judgment is left at the door and self-expression reigns.

In 2018, Mackey Hendricks and Nico Turner created the now famed party at The Satellite, an indie venue that was unable to reopen after the pandemic. If you’ve been in the queer community long enough, you are very well versed in how astrology and queerness intertwine time after time. And how this is particularly important in the getting to know you phase. Who hasn’t been asked a cute prospect, “What’s your sign?” Add some cheeky humor, a play on words, infectious energy, and a lot of queer joy you have yourself the Gay Asstrology Party.

Every single person in the entire LGBTQIA+ alphabet is included and considered the inner workings of the party. It’s a gayass world, and we’re just dancing in it is one of the credos interwoven in the DNA of the party.

And dance we did. With DJs like DJ Amber Valentine spinning old school and new tracks, an entire parking lot full of diverse queers, the Tarot reader Stevi Daft blowing minds, abundant self-expression and the astrological babies of the month celebrating underneath the moon… what more could you ask for?

The Saturn-ringed mirror ball that once hung over the original venue-The Satellite has a story and journey of its own. In the 1960s it hung from the rafters of The Red Chimney to Dreams of L.A. in the 70’s and 80’s, to Spaceland in the 90’s and early 2000’s, to finally, The Satellite where it was plucked from their closing doors by the former owner Jeff Wolfram, and hung at every single Gay Asstrology party since then. Another chronic staple at these parties are giant balloons spelling out “GayAss”. What more could you ask for then incredible music, an iconic disco ball, raunchy balloons, queers as far as the eyes can see and all the gay joy you can stand?

Well, expansion, say Hendricks and Turner. When they look to the future of the Gay Asstrology party they see as they put it, “A GAYASS world.” They are looking to take their party on the road and bring the good astrological vibes to other cities. On their list are LA Pride, Palm Springs and of course Las Vegas.

I move to bring this vibe to Las Vegas – stat. While I was there, I felt nothing but genuine gay joy. I was amongst my peers of creative queerdos, who were also finding immense happiness in the energy of the night. If I could have bottled that feeling I would have.

So do yourself a favor, follow them on Instagram:@gayasstrology, see what they’re all about. And if you are anywhere near the LA area or get the luxury of joining one of their satellite parties in a different city, GO. You will have the time of your life with incredible people around you.

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - Issue 40

This article was published in the 2022 Sports & Recreation Issue of Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine, and can be read in its original format here.