2015 Parade Grand Marshal Randy Arnold

Las Vegas PRIDE is honored to have Randy Arnold as our 2015 Parade Grand Marshal. Barefoot Wine and Bubbly has been a wonderful supporter of Las Vegas PRIDE for over 15 years.

Barefoot Ambassador Randy Arnold was born in Sonoma County, California. Randy grew up in the idyllic surroundings of his family’s orchards and vineyards in the Sebastopol area. His wine grape growing experience began at the “ground level” helping plant grapevines in his family’s vineyards. Following a degree in Wine Marketing, Randy learned first-hand about the wine industry by working for numerous vineyards, wineries and distributors throughout Northern California.

As Barefoot ambassador, Randy travels across the country sharing with the public his passion for making wine fun as well as training the next generation of Barefoot representatives in the unique Barefoot culture. Remembering the mantra to “make the world a better place through wine,” Randy encourages all new Barefoot representatives to choose non-profits and causes that are close to their own heart just as he has done since 1990.

Randy Arnold
Randy Arnold
Randy Arnold

When not working, Randy likes nothing better than spending time with his husband, Greg, at the Wildwood Retreat Center. Randy and Greg were married during the “window of opportunity” in 2008, they make their home in Oakland. Their wedding reception was a benefit for the Wildwood Foundation. Located on a mountaintop in Western Sonoma County, the Wildwood Retreat Center is Randy’s favorite place in the world. This amazing retreat center specializes in yoga, massage and healing. Randy started a memorial grove to help people process their grief at the loss of a loved one and to create remembrance. In the grove among several hundred redwoods lie the memorial stones for loved ones. Randy loves to sit on a bench in the grove watching the redwoods grow. A Coast Redwood can live to be 2,000 years old, which is what Randy calls long-term planning!

Randy feels very fortunate to be a part of a very successful winery that does so much good in the world. He looks forward to introducing you to new Barefoot wines and bubblies, and though Randy has no formal training in the kitchen he hopes to continue doing his chef demos across the country. As Randy likes to say, “just because you’re not an expert doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too!”

Welcome to Las Vegas Randy! Happy Pride!