PRIDE Family Bingo Rules & Regulations

Bingo Rules & Regulations

  1. Each BINGO Guest may purchase a 6-sheet BINGO pack for $10.00. Players may purchase additional game packs. Each BINGO sheet has three BINGO faces. BINGO packs go on sale at 6:00pm during SNAPI Hour.
  2. BINGO daubers [large colored markers] are provided for your convenience. You may also bring your own lucky dauber
  3. If you have a BINGO, it is your responsibility to make sure you are heard, as well as seen. Raise your hand and yell “BINGO!” If a BINGO is not seen or heard we reserve the right to refused honoring that person as a winner.
  4. In the event of a dispute, the BINGO Chairman and fellow SNAPI Board members will make an equitable decision. Their decisions are finial.
  5. You must BINGO off the last number called. No late BINGOS.
  6. All games are closed when announced by the BINGO Caller/Hostess.
  7. Multiple games are played on each BINGO Sheet, please pay attention!
  8. In the event of more than one winner, all winners will pull a BINGO ball and the highest number wins.
  9. There is no smoking allowed in the BINGO Ballroom. Please smoke outside of the building.
  10. A number is officially called when the BINGO Caller/Host announces the row and number.
  11. BINGO Chairman reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is disrupting the game and/or other players.
  12. A copy of Gambling Control Board’s approval letter and BINGO rules may be obtained from the BINGO Chairman.
  13. BINGO prizes (gift certificates, show tickets, tours, etc.) are subject to change, cancellation and/or expiration.

Raffle Rules & Regulations

  1. Raffle tickets go on sale at 6:00pm during SNAPI Hour until the end of the BINGO game.
  2. You may purchase your raffle tickets from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the registration desk, after 7:00pm “BINGO Babes” will be selling raffle tickets on the BINGO Ballroom floor.
  3. Raffle Tickets are sold in a set of 10 tickets for $5.00 – you may purchase as many sets as you want.
  4. The BINGO staff will never pull raffle tickets, The BINGO Caller/Host will ask for a volunteer from the audience to pull a winning ticket.
  5. BINGO Caller/Host will announce winning raffle ticket, after several attempts if no one claims ticket number, another ticket number will be pulled.
  6. If multiple prizes are being done the first raffle winner will pull the next winning raffle ticket.
  7. Raffle prizes (gift certificates, show tickets, tours, etc.) are subject to change, cancellation and/or expiration.

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