Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners
Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners

We are the Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners

In previous years, the Las Vegas PRIDE parade has been fortunate enough to have drill teams and color guards from sister parade cities come to Las Vegas to provide this element to our local parade. We aim to be the official organization to represent the Las Vegas PRIDE Parade and Festival.

The Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners is a social group of volunteers – contributing their skills in Color Guard to the Annual Las Vegas PRIDE Parade and Festival!

Our mission is to bring color, dance, fun and smiles to our audiences and represent the Las Vegas Community at the Annual Las Vegas PRIDE Parade and Festival.

Our Goal – 2016 Las Vegas PRIDE Parade @ Sunset Park
Our Vision – 2020 Las Vegas PRIDE Parade on the LAS VEGAS STRIP

Who are the Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners?
We are the Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners. In previous years the Las Vegas PRIDE parade has been fortunate enough to have drill teams and color guards from sister parade cities come to Las Vegas to provide this element for our local parade. We aim to be the official organization to represent The Las Vegas PRIDE Parade and Festival.

Who are our members?
We’re a non-competitive, all-volunteer group from all parts of Southern Nevada. We cherish our new members and love sharing and teaching them something brand new. Some members have experience from competitive youth color guard activities and some of them also continue to teach local high school color guard groups.

Message from our founder
Thank you for your interest in joining the LAS VEGAS PRIDE SPINNERS. I love music and twirling flags! After ten years of coaching with CCSD I retired two years ago. I noticed that our local parade lacked an element that other PRIDE Parades around the nation had… A color guard, flag team and/or drill team. I did my research and to my amazement there are teams displaying some beautiful colors at their parades and bring fun, joy and smiles to their audiences. A native to the Las Vegas Valley, I formed this organization to bring this element to our own audiences here for the Las Vegas PRIDE Parade. I am very fortunate that I am able to make this my work and devote 100% of my time towards this organization on a volunteer basis.

A special thanks to the Las Vegas PRIDE without whom, this all would not have been possible.

Love everything we do, be Victorious and successful, have Pride in what we do & Spin!

Edward Chan
Founder & Artistic Director,
Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners

Our goal is to keep things light, easy, flexible and most importantly, fun! Since it is our inaugural year, the main objective for this year is to establish a successful group and have a presence along the parade route and festival stage.

For members who are looking to be more active and involved. We are also looking to have members be a part of our parade team which travels with the Las Vegas PRIDE Committee to represent our city at other sister parades.

Although PRIDE only happens once a year, we plan on scheduling practice dates throughout the entire year so we can keep spinning, meeting new people and having a good time!

How do we do it and What is it that we do?
What it is that Vegas does best? Put on a production! We are looking for members to march alongside with us with a flag in their hand. Experience is not necessary.

Utilizing popular top 40 hits, a show will be designed for both performances one on the parade route and the other on stage. The choreography will provide our audiences with energy, visual effect, and fun. You will also see us perform at events, community arts festivals, and other parades.

Color guard is an element in a parade that uses flags, rifles and sabres, along with music to create a brilliant display of color and energy. If you think of the flag and rifle corps in a marching band, you’ve got the right idea.

Where in the world is this going to happen?
Various rehearsal locations will be scheduled to accommodate members living in both Las Vegas and Henderson. This extra-curricular activity is made to be different and provide fun in your life. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling conflicts and hope members meet the organization halfway.

When is this all happening?
Our first meet and greet @ Desert Breeze Park was held on August 6th, 2016 from 7:00PM – 8:00PM. Mid-week and/or weekend rehearsals are scheduled.

We remain as inclusive as possible given our time constraints. Anybody can join us, regardless of their color guard experience as long as they can meet minimum eligibility requirements. We will teach beginners how to spin flags and put them out on the parade route within a weeks’ time. We will also do our best to accommodate scheduling around school and work.

Three major factors that we do not want you to stress… TIME COMMITMENT & EXPERIENCE. We want everyone who is eligible to join and we will do our best to accommodate and help you participate in our activities and events.

Why on earth would I do this?
Because it is fun! Help us bring cheer, smiles, and excitement to our audiences and spread the message of equality.

Costs & Commitment
A small fee $75 is required for membership dues. Don’t have it? Don’t fret. We understand some individuals might have problems making this financial commitment. We will have fundraising opportunities for you to either fund raise your dues or waive your dues. Member dues directly assist with getting materials, equipment, and cover costs associated with running the organization.

The 2016 Las Vegas PRIDE Parade Program:

Waking up in Vegas!

Destiny’s Child – Lose my Breath
Just Dance – Lady Gaga
Timber – Ke$ha Feat. Pitbull
Dynamite – Taio Cruz
Waking Up In Vegas – Katy

The 2016 Las Vegas PRIDE Festival Program:

Party In the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus
Toxic – Britney Spears
Want U Want Me – Jason Delrulo
Party Rock – LMFAO

Cast Members:

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Prior to any participation with LVPS activities, the following MUST BE SUBMITTED for approval:

  1. Facebook Profile and active participation in -Membership Group
  2. Signed Membership Application
  3. Signed Release of Rights, Liability and Compensation Form
  4. Health History Questionnaire (optional)
  5. Non-refundable Membership/Performance Fee for Performing Members!

Once printed, completed and signed, please mail your applications to:
Las Vegas PRIDE Spinners
4001 S. Decatur Blvd. #37-540
Las Vegas, NV 89103-5800

Or fax your completed applications to:
(866) 930-3336

If you have any questions, would like to submit your applications via email, or would like to follow up on your application submission, please contact

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