Crafts/Art Exhibitor Registration

If you’ve decided that you would like to join Las Vegas PRIDE’s next Annual PRIDE Festival as a Crafts/Art exhibitor, you’re in the right place. The following application is the first step towards ensuring your business/organization a booth at our spectacular event!

October 20, 2018 Noon to 10 pm
October 21, 2018 Noon to 6 pm

Sunset Park
2601 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Las Vegas PRIDE 2018! This year, our festival will be held at Sunset Park. Ample, well lit parking is available on site. Exhibitor spaces are located throughout the festival grounds along the main traffic flow path. Booths will be well marked to assist in finding your designated location.

To participate in this year’s PRIDE festival, review and complete this Exhibitor Application. Please review the application carefully as a number of terms have changed from previous events. Complete the application form below, and then select the booth options that will best suit your needs to complete your reservation request and submit payment.  Crafts/Art Exhibitor booth spaces start at $100.

Application Deadline: September 20, 2018
(Applications received after deadline will be subject to $100.00 late fee)

Arts/Crafts Exhibitor Packages start at $100

Las Vegas PRIDE thanks you for participating in PRIDE Festival 2018. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Vendor Chairman at

    Application Agreement:

    Las Vegas PRIDE Provides/Offers:

    1. Booth Space: Each booth space may or may not come equipped with a canopy, tables and/or chairs (as noted during the booth selection process). Please pay careful attention when selecting your exhibit space and make sure to select the space type that will accomodate your group best. All spaces have grass floors.

    2. Handmade Crafts & Art: As a courtesy to our handmade crafts and art exhibitors, a 10' x 10' space is available at a discounted rate. Spaces have grass floors and do not include a canopy, tables or chairs.

    3. Tables/Chairs: All exhibitors selecting a booth space that includes a canopy will receive an 8 foot banquet table and two folding chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available for rent (see Booth Selection Form). There are no refunds or fee reductions for unused tables/chairs.

    4. Power: Las Vegas PRIDE will not provide power in the craft/art exhibit area. Exhibitors requiring electricity will need to provide their own generators. Note: Las Vegas PRIDE does not provide lighting or extension cords. Minimal area lighting is provided via permanent park lighting.

    5. Admission Tickets: Each exhibitor will receive two, two-day admission tickets with their paid application. Tickets may be picked up at vendor check-in the morning of the event. Additional admission tickets may be purchased using the exhibitor order form for the reduced rate of $10.00. Tickets purchased the day of the festival will be $15.00. All booth workers are required to have an admission ticket. Booth workers are NOT considered volunteers by Las Vegas PRIDE.

    6. Booth Assignment: Las Vegas PRIDE reserves the sole right to assign booth space to PRIDE Pets exhibitors.

    Exhibitor Provides/Agrees to:

    1. Payment: Full payment must accompany your completed application for consideration. Incomplete applications will be returned. We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. Receipt of your completed application and payment will be confirmed via email. Las Vegas PRIDE can not assign booths or spaces for orders paid by checks/money order until payment has been received and processed.

    2. Limited Availability: The Las Vegas PRIDE Festival is a limited-space event and exhibitor applications will be processed in the order payment is received.

    3. Security/Cleaning Deposit: A $150.00 security/cleaning deposit authorization form is required from ALL EXHIBITORS. The exhibitor agrees to leave their area in the same condition as they found it. Prior to leaving, the exhibitor agrees to have a Las Vegas PRIDE representative inspect the booth space. Inspections for check-out begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 21, 2018. In the event that additional cleaning, grease removal, etc. is required, the cost of such will be charged as the cleaning deposit. Should damages exceed the cost of the cleaning deposit, the exhibitor will be held responsible and charged for any and all needed repairs. If the space is found to be satisfactory (clean and free of debris and physical damage), the cleaning deposit will not be charged. Leaving the event prior to 7:00 PM on Saturday and/or 5 PM on Sunday will result in a charge of Security/Cleaning deposit.

    4. Deadlines: Exhibitor applications are due by September 20, 2018. Completed Applications, with payment in full must be received by 5:00 PM on September 20, 2018. Applications received after the deadline will be subject to a $100.00 late fee and only be accepted based on space availability.

    5. Refunds: Requests for booth fee refunds must be made in writing to Las Vegas PRIDE and postmarked no later than September 20, 2018. Absolutely NO refunds will be made after September 20, 2018. In the event of cancellation prior to September 16, 2018 a full refund will be made to exhibitor, cancellations made between September 16 - 20, 2018 will receive a 50% refund.

    6. Application Confirmation: You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your completed application and payment has been processed by Las Vegas PRIDE. Please allow 7-10 business days after receipt for your application to be processed. This is the only confirmation that will be sent. A welcome packet with maps and booth location will be available at check-in. If you have not received an email confirmation prior to one week before the event, please contact to check on the status of your application.

    7. Permits/Licensing/Insurance: Exhibitors are required to obtain, at their own expense, any and all permits, licenses and/or insurances that may be required by the City of Las Vegas and/or Clark County and/or the State of Nevada. Las Vegas PRIDE is not responsible for any fines incurred by exhibitors who do not have necessary permits/licensing/insurance. All Exhibitors are required to provide proof of insurance covering their participation in the Las Vegas PRIDE Festival.

    8. Sales Tax: Exhibitors selling any item subject to Nevada Sales Tax assume all responsibility and liability for obtaining and paying for a valid Nevada Resale Permit. Exhibitor is responsible for collection of all sales taxes on items sold and for payment to the State of Nevada of all sales taxes collected. Las Vegas PRIDE will not take responsibility for the submission of any returns and/or taxes.

    9. Check-In: Check-In hours will be 7AM-11AM the morning of the festival. Exhibitors not checked in by 11AM are NOT guaranteed accommodation. Absolutely NO FEES will be refunded for exhibitors arriving after the deadline and/or for "no shows". LAS VEGAS PRIDE DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY CARTS, VOLUNTEERS OR OTHER ASSISTANCE FOR EXHIBITOR CHECK-IN OR CHECK-OUT.

    10. Drive-In Festival: Vehicles will be permitted to enter the festival grounds on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 7am to 11am for unloading only. Vehicles must be moved to a designated parking area after unloading and prior to 11am. After 11am, please be prepared to carry in/out all materials from the parking area. Assistance with carry in/out is NOT provided. Please note that exhibitor booths are located in the center of a large grassy area and plan your loading needs accordingly. Vehicles will not be allowed onto the festival grounds again until it is safe to do so after the close of the festival on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 6pm.

    11. Check-Out: All exhibitors much check out with a Las Vegas PRIDE representative prior to leaving. Exhibitors agree not to check out prior to 7:00PM on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. All exhibitor equipment and personal items must be removed by 11:00PM the final day of the festival. Exhibitors that do not check out with a SNAPI representative will forfeit their cleaning/security deposit.

    12. Damage: Exhibitors are solely responsible for any damages caused during load in/out or while the event is in progress.

    13. Parking: Exhibitors must park their vehicles in the public parking area immediately after unloading. No vehicles may block designated fire lanes, or be parked in otherwise restricted areas. Illegally parked vehicles will be immediately towed at the owner's expense. Vehicles may NOT be driven onto event grounds after 11am on October 20, 2018.

    14. Merchandise (Exhibitor): A list of all items to be displayed, offered for sale, or distributed without charge must be stated on the application. Only items indicated on the application may be displayed, sold or offered (with or without charge) at this event. Any exhibitor found in violation of this policy may be subject to immediate removal from the festival with NO refund of exhibitor fees. Absolutely no beverages may be offered for sale or given away by food vendors. Absolutely NO Alcoholic Beverages may be brought onto the festival grounds (including for personal use) by exhibitors. Any exhibitor found in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the festival with NO refund of exhibitor fees.

    15. Strolling: Exhibitors may conduct business only inside and immediately in front of their rented space. No exhibitor may conduct business "strolling" throughout the festival grounds. Any exhibitor found in violation of this policy may be subject to immediate removal from the festival with NO refund of exhibitor fees.

    16. Security: Las Vegas PRIDE provides only limited overnight security and assumes no liability for property or equipment left on festival grounds. Exhibitors may leave items in their space overnight but Las Vegas PRIDE accepts no responsibility for the security of said items. Cover all materials. It may get damp overnight and sanitation services use leaf blowers to clean.

    17. Non-Discrimination: Exhibitors agree not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, color, physical limitations, or heritage. Las Vegas PRIDE reserves the right to require any exhibitor to remove from display and immediately cease selling or distributing any item that could be deemed inappropriate and/or might cause a disturbance. Sexist, racist, homophobic, pornographic or other offensive materials will not be permitted. Any exhibitor found in violation of this policy may be subject to immediate removal from the festival with NO refund of exhibitor fees.

    18. Noise: As a courtesy to other exhibitors, please keep amplified sound from your booth at a reasonable level. Excessive sound will be limited by the Vendor/Exhibitor Chairman.

    19. Firearms: All weapons and firearms (loaded or unloaded) whether concealed or exposed are strictly prohibited from the festival grounds.

    20. Animals: Pets are allowed on the festival grounds, but must be well-behaved and leashed.

    21. Sale of Food: ONLY designated food vendors are allowed to offer food for sale.

    22. Sale of Beverages: Only Las Vegas PRIDE is allowed to sell beverages per Clark County regulations.

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    Intended Booth Usage:

    Please List ALL products/information/services to be provided/sold at your booth. Failure to provide a complete list at this time may result in restrictions and/or eviction from the festival and loss of security deposit. Please make note of any special requests at this time as well. (required):

    If you would like to upload a photo or other documentation pertaining to the products/information/services/menu you plan to provide/sell from your booth, you may do so using the upload boxes below.

    Sample Image/File:

    Sample Image/File:

    Proof of Insurance:

    All Exhibitors must submit a valid certificate of insurance with liability limits of at least $1,000,000 coverage underwritten by an admitted or non-admitted carrier rated no less than “A-” by A. M. Best’s, and name Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc., and Clark County its officers, agents, and employees as an additional insured. Please upload a copy of your proof of insurance using the box below. If you do not provide proof of insurance at this time, you will be required to do so at check-in on the day of the festival. In order to facilitate this requirement for exhibitors who do not have their own insurance, single event coverage which meets this requirement for vendors, concessionaires or exhibitors is available for $65 through Casswood Insurance. To purchase this Special Event Liability Insurance covering both days of the PRIDE Festival, please click here. (This link will also be provided in your application receipt email.)

    Proof of Insurance File:

    Application Agreement:

    The Applicant understands use granted her/him by Las Vegas PRIDE is a LICENSE TO OCCUPY and is not coupled with an interest in the property and Las Vegas PRIDE retains the right to terminate this license to occupy at any time during the term of the Applicants use.

    If, in the sole determination of Las Vegas PRIDE, (1) the Applicant is found to have falsified any of the statements contained in this Application; (2) the Applicant is found to have changed or added to the use described in this Application; (3) the Applicant creates a nuisance to Las Vegas PRIDE, its Licensees and/or its Guests; and/or (4) the Applicant’s use of the premises in any other way interferes with orderly, safe and successful conduct of the Festival, this application may be cancelled by Las Vegas PRIDE with no refund of fees.

    The Applicant also agrees (1) to furnish all equipment (except as expressly stated in this agreement), inventory, supplies and personnel necessary to the operation of her/his booth; (2) to leave the area fully clean and clear of refuse upon check-out; (3) to sell/distribute only the items listed in the Application order and to make no changes to these items without written consent of Las Vegas PRIDE; and/or (5) to indemnify and hold harmless Las Vegas PRIDE against any and all liabilities arising from the conduct of the operations covered by this contract.

    Signature of the agreement affirms that the Applicant and/or organization(s)/ business(es) / individual(s) representing the applicant does not discriminate in hiring, employment, participation or services based on race, ancestry, religion, creed, sex, marital status, physical handicap, medical conditions, national origin or sexual orientation. Las Vegas PRIDE reserves the right to publish this signed affirmation, in whole or part, in the support and pursuit of its purpose and objectives.

    By signing below, I show that I have ready and clearly understand the information contained in this agreement and the responsibilities accorded to me as a participating exhibitor at the annual Las Vegas PRIDE Festival. I understand that I may cancel my application in writing; and if cancellation notice is postmarked before the deadline outlined in this agreement I will receive a refund of all fees paid, less the Security/Cleaning deposit within (60) days of my cancellation.

    In addition to what has been stated, I understand that this agreement, either expressed or implied, may not be changed, modified, released, discharged, abandoned, or otherwise terminated, in whole or part by me or any Las Vegas PRIDE representative except by an instrument in writing, signed by three (3) Executive Board members of Las Vegas PRIDE and myself.

    By checking below I declare that I have read this entire application and shall comply with all rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions. I understand that violation of any regulation is cause for removal from the festival. It is my responsibility to communicate all information contained in this application to my employees/representatives onsite and to insure all participants are in compliance with all rules, guidelines, regulations and laws in regards to participation in the Las Vegas PRIDE LGBT Festival. Information herein provided by me is true, correct and complete, and I am legally empowered by my organization to enter into this agreement.

    Yes - I agree to the terms outlined above. (required)