Las Vegas PRIDE Festival Applications & Information

Thank you for your interest in registering to participate as an exhibitor at the annual Las Vegas PRIDE Festival. Listed below are the forms and information available to businesses/organizations wishing to participate.

Required Form (Choose One)

  • PRIDE Festival Exhibitor Application
    (Packages start at $640) SOLD OUT
  • PRIDE Festival Non-Profit Exhibitor Application
    (Non-Profit packages start at $290) SOLD OUT
  • PRIDE Festival Food Vendor Application
    (Packages start at $640) SOLD OUT
  • PRIDE PETS Exhibitor Application
    (Packages start at $40 for Animal Rescue & $100 for all others) SOLD OUT
  • PRIDE Crafts/Art Exhibitor Application
    (For more information about Crafts/Art opportunities, please contact SOLD OUT

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

Security/Cleaning Deposit (Required)

The following form must be completed and remitted to Las Vegas PRIDE prior to entering the festival grounds as an exhibitor.  To save time at check-in, you may complete the form and submit it via fax or mail.  A copy of this form will also be available at festival check-in.  A hold of $150 will be placed on your card on the first day of the festival, but your card will only be charged in the event of a security/cleaning infraction.  The hold will be released on Monday, following the completion of the PRIDE Festival pending a successful checkout and clean booth area.

PRIDE Parade Food Vendors

If you would like to register a food truck for limited food court space at the PRIDE Parade, please contact us at

Additional Information