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EDC Las Vegas - Part 1 Restless Rundown Article & Photography by Megan Williams Peace, love, unity, respect- P.L.U.R. The credo has long since been what has attracted people to raves and festivals. The commraderie, the lifestyle, the way people look out for people, it’s why we rave. [...]

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Binary Code

I sat down with D Marcucci in the afternoon at my home here in Las Vegas. They sat on a large area rug centered on the floor of a large open living room, surrounded by house plants with a 1970’s orange, gold, and leopard print theme, called The Leopard Lounge. A normal interview might be conducted on a pair of opposing chairs or couches, but I knew this typical strategy wouldn’t work.

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We All Scream (for Art)

What’s two stories, 10,000 SF and the hot new nightclub from Corner Bar Management in downtown Las Vegas? If you guessed the spectacular indoor/outdoor art-centric confines of We All Scream, you clearly have your finger on the pulse of all things fabulous Las Vegas.

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Everyone is a VIP at Cheapshot

Come one, come all to Cheapshot, a palace of varieties at 517 E. Fremont St. Suite that opened in early April. Presented by the notorious “Miss Behave” Amy Saunders, and Corner Bar Management, the creators behind some of Vegas’ most imaginative destinations, Cheapshot showcases a loose, live, and down ‘n’ dirty entertainment.

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Rosa Agius – The Woman Who Does It All

If you were to put a blueprint together of what an independent, badass, creative woman looks like you’d find Rosa Agius. The Australian import whose resume boasts accomplishments like owner and creator of the clothing line Aussie Allure, owner of Rosa Agius Productions, lead dancer and host of the show Rock Candy Las Vegas, regular go-go dancer at The Abbey West Hollywood amongst others.

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Sin City Classic

The 15th Annual Sin City Classic returns January 13-16, 2022. The largest annual LGBTQ+ sporting event in the world is a multi-day sports festival hosted in Las Vegas by the Greater Los Angeles Softball Association (GLASA). This year, more than 8,000 athletes will converge on fabulous Las Vegas leading up to and during Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

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