Welcome to Charm School Burlesque at Lady Like the Show

Lady Like, A Retro Modern Burlesque Show, takes on the “traditional woman’s role” from the 1950s to the 1960s with an edgy twist. The new show opened with a limited engagement preview on the Las Vegas Strip in June before announcing an impending venue change (yet to be announced).

Welcome to Charm School Burlesque at Lady Like the Show2022-08-17T22:39:43-07:00

Frankie Fictitious

Frankie Fictitious lived many lives before her rise to burlesque infamy. This small-town girl from The Bay has been dancing since she was six, she was the lead guitarist in an all-girl band, she studied painting in college, and has always had a passion for art. One fateful day in San Francisco, Fictitious witnessed the power and sexuality of the incredible Dita Von Teese.

Frankie Fictitious2022-08-17T22:15:48-07:00

Womanopoly LV

About eleven years ago burlesque performers and entertainers, SGT. Diewies (pronounced Sarge Device) and Elyse Elaine were in the Bay Area listening to the Musiq Soulchild Album, when the song “Womanopoly” came on. In a glance, they both knew the rest was history.

Womanopoly LV2022-04-20T17:07:27-07:00
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