Parade Contingent Liaison Form

In order to reduce gaps between entries during the parade, maintain an appropriate and safe pace, and ensure an entertaining parade for all of our participants, all parade units are required to provide designated parade unit liaisons.

    Contingent Liaisons Are Asked To:

    1. Walk on either side of every moving vehicle, next to the wheels, to ensure that the area in front of their unit is clear of any pedestrians or other units.

    2. Maintain the movement and pacing in the parade of all vehicles and marchers belonging to their unit, maintaining a distance approximately 20 feet from the unit ahead of them;

    3. May carry their unit designation number, depending upon the type of unit they are a part of, so that announcers can readily identify your unit and ensure that they have the correct announcement;

    4. Serve as a designated contact for their unit for parade monitors along the route;

    5. Parade liaisons will be issued, upon check-in at the mandatory parade meeting, an armband or other identification item to be worn during the parade so that they are easily identified by Parade Monitors along the route. If a Parade Staff member requests your assistance, please respond immediately. Liaison requirements are as follows:

      Marching Units
      01-50 People: 2 Parade Liaisons
      51-100 People: 4 Parade Liaisons

      Primary Decorated Vehicle
      2 Liaisons/Wheel Walkers for each vehicle

      Parade Float
      4 Liaisons/Wheel Walkers for each vehicle

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    Contingent Liaisons

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    If your contingent merits more liaisons than space allows, please fill out additional forms.