PRIDE Charity Bingo Application

Please complete the form below to submit your application to participate in the Charity Bingo program.

PRIDE Charity Bingo Organization Application

    PLEASE NOTE: All fields on this form are required.

    Copy of 501c3 Letter / Proof of Non-Profit Status:

    (Required) I understand that I must provide Las Vegas PRIDE with proof/copy of my organization's current 501c3.

    (Required) I understand that my organization must provide 3-5 volunteers to help as Bingo babes at a Las Vegas PRIDE or Charity Bingo prior to having my application approved. This team will assist in setup, help during the Bingo event and help with clean up “to live the experience” so there are no surprises during my Charity Bingo. We understand it is a lot of work and that it will help us develop our own “plan of action” for a Charity Bingo event.

    (Required) I understand that I must provide a list of all Bingo/Raffle prizes provided at the Bingo event. Revenue check will not be issued until an accurate list of prizes is provided to the Las Vegas PRIDE Charity Bingo Committee. (This list in turned into Nevada Gaming)

    (Required) I understand that at the end of the event all cash and credit transactions will be counted down by the host charity and a representative of Las Vegas PRIDE. Cash deposits will be made to Las Vegas PRIDE and a Cashier Check to be assigned to the host charity will be mailed to the company address 4 working days after the event. The reason for the delay is Las Vegas PRIDE needs to let PayPal/Square and all credit transaction process to confirm revenue amounts.

    (Required) I understand that I must agree to have a minimum of 4-5 volunteers: 1 cashiers’ helper, 1-2 raffle salespeople, 3-4 bingo babes, a setup crew and strike crew that must be provided the day of the event. An option to hire a drag queen host is available for $75.00 and arrangements are made by Bingo Chair, Ernie Yuen. Host payment will be deducted from Bingo revenue. To ensure strict adherence to Nevada gaming regulations, non-profits are not allowed to provide a bingo host (drag queen) without Bingo Chair Ernie Yuen's approval. All requests must be submitted via email.

    (Required) I understand that I must provide a minimum of 20 bingo/raffle prizes ($25.00 and up value) and 1 cover all prize ($75.00 and up in value) as the hosting charity.

    (Required) I understand that Las Vegas PRIDE will supply creative to promote each Charity bingo; a high res company/organization logo needs to be provided for marketing at the time of signing event date and contract. I will email our logo to Chuck Spady at I also understand that my organization is not permitted to produce our own marketing for Charity Bingo unless approved by Bingo Chair, Ernie Yuen.

    (Required) I understand that Las Vegas PRIDE will provide bingo game sheets, daubers, bingo game machine, Bingo Lead, raffle tickets, and drum. The cost to cover these expenses will be $1.00 per a bingo player. If we have 120 players we will pay Las Vegas PRIDE $120.00 to cover expenses. There is a minimum charge of $75.00 for each charity event, if we have 50 people, our minimum charge will be $75.00. We understand that if we do not agree to these terms, we will be responsible to provide our own equipment.

    (Required) My organization agrees to pay Las Vegas PRIDE a $50.00 bingo expense fee. The fee helps cover gaming permits with Nevada Gaming Commission, operational expenses, and replenishing supplies.

    (Required) I understand that setup time for Bingo is at 5:00 pm, Bingo Players will begin arriving at 5:00 pm. No extra décor, i.e. balloon towers, table décor, is permitted. A 501c3 information table is allowed with written permission from Bingo Chair, Ernie Yuen. If needed, we will email Ernie with our request.

    (Required) I understand that bingo starts promptly at 6:00 pm. The scheduled plan is that we will play 7 bingo games and 1 coverall. Bingo should be done by 8:30/9:00. Hamburger Mary’s will retain all food and beverage sales and no outside food or drink is permitted.

    (Required) I understand that booking dates for all charity bingo must be done 30 days in advance, it is our charity’s responsibility to market and promote our event. We understand that the more people we bring, the more bingo packets and raffles we will sell and that will make more money for our organization.

    I have read and accepted the Las Vegas PRIDE Charity Bingo guidelines. I understand that my organization must attend and volunteer at a Las Vegas PRIDE Family Bingo - held the first Wednesday of each month, prior to approval and date assignment.