Las Vegas PRIDE Board of Directors Adopt a Vote of No Confidence in Christopher “Chris” Davin & Trevor Harder

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 2023: It is with great consideration and patience that Las Vegas PRIDE has come to the decision to speak out on a long-running issue facing our community. The Las Vegas PRIDE Board of Directors unanimously adopted a vote of no confidence in Christopher “Chris” Davin and Trevor Harder at the April 2023 meeting of the Board.

This decision is not taken lightly and comes from years of ongoing issues that Las Vegas PRIDE has encountered with these individuals. The following are representative of the reasons why Las Vegas PRIDE will not communicate, associate, or engage with Mr. Davin or Mr. Harder. For the health, safety, and well-being of our members, Las Vegas PRIDE will not participate in events that these individuals are known to support or attend. 

  • In April 2023, Mr. Davin threatened Las Vegas PRIDE Officers and took intentional action to cause harm to our organization and our work by making frivolous trademark claims. These actions resulted in harm to Las Vegas PRIDE and other community-serving organizations. 
  • In August of 2021, it was determined that Mr. Davin accessed sensitive information and stole data from the Las Vegas PRIDE, which he used without permission to benefit his organization. In a unanimous vote, Mr. Davin was removed from his position on the Board “Minutes of the Las Vegas PRIDE Board – Closed Session.” August 11, 2021. At that time, Mr. Harder also resigned from his position on our Board.
  • In a similar incident in the spring of 2020, Mr. Davin was removed from his involvement with Human Rights Campaign of Las Vegas for accessing sensitive information and using it without permission for personal gain.
  • Las Vegas PRIDE Officers have been made aware of multiple reports of bullying, threats, and unethical business activities Mr. Davin has taken against individuals, charities, and businesses in Southern Nevada.
  • Las Vegas PRIDE Officers have been made aware of reports made to various authorities regarding Mr. Davin directly for unethical, unprofessional, and illegal financial practices and behavior.

If you have information regarding issues with Chris Davin, Trevor Harder, or any of the many organizations with which they are associated, we encourage you to file complaints with the appropriate governing body, e.g. Nevada Secretary of State, Clark County Nevada, City of Henderson, HIPAA, Internal Revenue Service, etc. 

For 40 years, Las Vegas PRIDE has fostered strong working relationships with local and national community-serving organizations.  Las Vegas PRIDE takes direct threats to our Board Members and attacks on our organization by Mr. Davin and Mr. Harder seriously.  Bullying actions of these individuals will not be tolerated, and we encourage the community and our allies to assess their relationships and partnerships through the lens of integrity and professionalism. These are the criteria by which our current and future partnerships will be evaluated. We encourage our community to adopt a zero-tolerance for bullying and violence, no matter the source. 

Las Vegas PRIDE exists to uplift our community and celebrate our achievements. This Board feels strongly that we must offer our help, love, and support to others who work within the organization(s) represented by both Mr. Davin and Mr. Harder. While we have no direct knowledge or contact with others within these organization(s), Las Vegas PRIDE maintains an open line for communication and resolution for others who wish to discuss this topic.

The Las Vegas PRIDE Board will continue to seek opportunities to build and uplift the LGBTQ+ community and actively seek mutually beneficial relationships to do so. The Board strongly encourages our partners in the nonprofit and business communities to consider these individuals’ inappropriate, unethical bullying behavior and evaluate your investment in the LGBTQIA+ community accordingly.

May 2, 2023, Las Vegas, NV: After our initial release, we have received additional reports and information from members of the community who also wanted to have their voices heard.  These reports include:

  • Harassment of community members, and former board members.
  • Failure to submit payment for goods/services rendered.

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For inquiries or to speak with a representative of Las Vegas PRIDE regarding these issues, please email

The United States Patent & Trademark Office operates the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), which was used to verify and validate the Henderson Pride trademark ownership by International Cultural Movement for Equality.