LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 15, 2018: Las Vegas PRIDE is obligated to inform the public that false and misleading information may have been disseminated by someone impersonating representation of the Las Vegas PRIDE Organization. We have been informed that individuals have already contacted these sites seeking information, purchasing tickets, or signing up for our events – but that information has not been shared with Las Vegas PRIDE.

Las Vegas PRIDE is not affiliated in any way with the following outlets:

  • Gay Vegas; Fab Las Vegas; Vegas Pride/; Vegas PRIDE MONTH; BMG Inc. (Bundle Media Group, Inc.); LGBTQ Vegas;;;;;; Gay Vegas Magazine;;; Queer Vegas; Latinx Vegas; Come Out Vegas; All Purple Durple; and any other of the many social media pages or any other interest owned or managed by John Lawrence (Johnny Bacon, John Lawrence Bacon)
  • PRIDE Festival: Las Vegas (Facebook)
  • EQ NV; Equality Nevada; (managed by John Lawrence (Johnny Bacon, John Lawrence Bacon))

We have taken action with our Legal Counsel to address this and other ongoing issues with the parties responsible for these dishonest sources and we will continue to work hard to direct requests in the community to their intended recipients.

To contact Las Vegas PRIDE, please email,

Thank you!

Las Vegas PRIDE – Board of Directors

Examples of unaffiliated groups and organizations:

Cease & Desist Notification: