Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc. (SNAPI) is both proud and honored to be able to direct the growth of this outstanding organization. Each of the non-compensated board members volunteers countless hours to help ensure a successful and enjoyable PRIDE Celebration for all. (See Board Qualification Guidelines)


Ernie Yuen

Member Since 2003

loha my name is Ernie (Eleneki Owai Kano Akua Alika Kalani Yuen) most people call me “Pineapple” since I am from Hawaii. I currently serve as the President of Las Vegas PRIDE. I am on my third term and my 8th year as a director on the SNAPI board. It was been a wonderful experience being part of the Las Vegas LGBT community. With the help of my fellow board members we have raise thousands and thousands of dollars for our community, help built strong relationships between many other nonprofit organizations. My mother always told me “if you’re going to bitch about the problem you better be part of the solution”. For those for you that knew my mother, she was a very small but wise lady that carried a very large stick! LOL! I would like to encourage other people in our community to get involved, be part of this wonderful organization.

Many of my friends have challenged me to come up with some creative ideas for new events here in Las Vegas, “to bring Las Vegas PRIDE out of the bars and back in our community”. I have made it my personal goal to lead this year’s board to follow our mission statement, which is " educate the community by invoking, promoting, and celebrating lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender pride.” I have challenged every board member to come up with creative ways to strive to follow our mission’s statement, to promote growth in our education committee, to do more outreach. I know many presidents make a lot of promises, but I promise you, many new events and great outreach programs that will educate and touch many people in the LGBT community. It is going to be a lot of work to create and manage many of these new events, but I feel our community is worth it!

Many changes are already taking place, this year PRIDE has changed its date from being in the beginning of Summer (April/May) to the end of Summer/Fall (September). We all feel it is a positive move, the weather is awesome, and it gives us time to visit other west coast prides, to promote Las Vegas as a destination PRIDE, a “Must Attend Event”. Please stay in touch with our web site for there will be changes every week. Please be our friend on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 2010/2011 is going to be an exciting year for us! Please again I encourage all of you to get involved and be part of our community.

I have been part of this Las Vegas community since 1998, I have seen many things come and go, The one thing that I have not seen change is the sense of dignity and PRIDE this community has. I have met a lot of people, made some good friends and become “family” to many others. I love this community, I love this city, yes Hawaii will always be my home, but Las Vegas is an awesome place to be. Now it is time to show my PRIDE, care to join me?

Jorge Garcia-Solorio

Member Since 2012
Vice President

orge Garcia-Solorio is the current Vice-President of Las Vegas PRIDE. This is his second year as a director and fourth as a volunteer to this wonderful organization.

Jorge is proud to have been a very active volunteer, and able to donate countless hours to the Las Vegas community. He adores the city he’s considered home for the past 16 years. In the past three years that he’s had the honor of serving the parade committee as a volunteer, he has learned what it takes to be committed to Las Vegas’ largest LGBT non-profit. He has become very active with Las Vegas PRIDE, participating in almost every event for the past 4 years. He feels a great sense of accomplishment, personal growth and community pride with each and every event he was involved with.

Like the President, Jorge has made it his personal goal to lead the PRIDE board in accomplishing the organization’s mission statement, which is " educate the community by invoking, promoting, and celebrating lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender pride.” He has challenged every board member to come up with creative ways to strive to follow the mission statement, to promote growth in the education committee and to do more outreach.

To show his commitment and dedication to this organization, Jorge has helped represent Las Vegas PRIDE in many other cities' PRIDE festivals. He has been a great example of what an ideal committee member should be and what they represent. His actions both within and without the PRIDE organization show that he is dedicated to representing the LGBT community in a positive light.

Brady McGill

Member Since 2010

rady McGill was born in Las Vegas and has always enjoyed giving back to his community. Brady spent much of his youth volunteering in community outreach with his family's church and continued in his adolescence in The Boy Scouts of America. In High School, Brady was involved actively with The Future Business Leaders of America, for which he served as Chapter President. During his time with FBLA, Brady organized many fund raising and charitable events, most notably, a partnership with the March of Dimes. Brady began volunteer work with SNAPI in 2008 as a part of the LOVE program, promoting Las Vegas Pride. Brady now serves on the SNAPI Board of Directors to give back to our community and encourage the growth of our LGBT community.

Ande Atkinson

Member Since 2012

orn and raised in Las Vegas, Ande really began to get involved in the LGBTQ community after high school by attending groups, and volunteering for The Center in 2010. Immersed in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Kalamazoo, MI LGBTQ communities from June 2011 to June 2012, Ande came to The Center to volunteer on visits home.

After settling back in Las Vegas, Ande became increasingly involved in the drag community. Ande's partner Tracy volunteered for SNAPI and together they helped during the PRIDE Parade and Festival in 2012. After Tracy passed in 2012, Ande wanted to continue working with SNAPI to extend Tracy's legacy.

Ande is honored that the directors of SNAPI asked for more official membership and is eager to coninue supporting SNAPI. "I know how much it means for me to have pride in myself and be able to show it, and love how SNAPI gives that to other people."

Lucas P. Rangel

Member Since 2012

ucas is a born and raised Texan new to the Las Vegas area. After coming out at an early age of 16, he has surpassed the problems of a young gay man. During his teen years he was involved in the local youth LGBT program, OutAmarillo, here he was a mediator and a peer counselor. After graduating high school he enlisted in the US Navy, which he would leave 7 years later as a Navy Submarine Qualified Veteran. During his enlisted service and station in Bremerton, Wa he started Deejaying and volunteering with the Kitsap County AIDS/HIV Foundation. He would become great friends with the director, Michael G., and start planning and hosting the monthly event fundraiser, Red Star, which would grow exponentially each month. Lucas is also a member of the OutServe SLDN, working to bring equality to America's military and ending all forms of discrimination and harassment of military personnel on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

After serving in the Navy, Lucas moved back to his family and friends in Amarillo, Tx. In the summer of 2013 he decided to leave the Lone Star State and move to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Las Vegas PRIDE season was in full swing and the events caught Lucas' eye. Through the Las Vegas PRIDE website he became a LOVE program volunteer, for the Las Vegas Men's Chorus. After volunteering for the 2012 Parade and Festival he wanted to do more and requested a seat on the board. Lucas was voted in as an Director on the board at the November 2012 public meeting.

Frankie Sanchez

Member Since 2012

rankie is a southern gentleman direct from Texas. He recently graduated with a double major in Broadcasting Production and Advertising/Public Relations from West Texas A&M University. Frankie also represented the school and community on numerous executive boards and held the title of Mr. West Texas. Aside from juggling school, work, social life and a photography business of his own, he is always willing to help out the community or individuals as a mentor in any way he can.

Frankie moved to Vegas in June of 2012 to pursue jobs in Production and Marketing. After a short search, he came across a contact who needed a Stage/Production Manager for shows at theaters, conventions and cruise ships around the world. Frankie is excited to sit on the board and help with the committees he sits on in preparation for Las Vegas PRIDE.

Julie Kokoczka

Member Since 2013

ore Information Coming Soon!

Board of Directors In Memorium

Kalani "Tracy" Quiocho

Member 2011- 2012

orn and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii in a little town called Ewa Beach. After graduating from James Campbell High School, Tracy worked in the Hawaii tourist industry, and made it his career for 15 years, he loved working with the tourists and promoting Hawaii, but it was not enough.

In 2002, Tracy decided to move to Las Vegas, to try something new and look for better opportunities, this was a very big move. After taking a year off, on March of 2003 Tracy was hired at NYNY Hotel and casino. Tracy had a great time, made many new friends and worked there for the next 7 years. Starting off as a guest room attendant for 2 years and then moving on to the role of house person, Tracy worked in the picking station, linen department and then was promoted to supervisor, it was quite an experience. Due to health reasons Tracy was forced to leave his employment.

Tracy then got involved with SNAPI during the reign of Miss Las Vegas PRIDE 2009 JewDi Vine. He joined the parade committee, helped make costumes, performed at benefit shows and soon joined the parade committee on PRIDE road trips. Tracy was then asked to take a seat on the Las Vegas PRIDE board and joined the volunteer committee. He was with Las Vegas PRIDE from that day on, through the royalty reign of 2010 (Diva DeLafuentes and Andy Dubois), 2011 (Diana Prince and KC Golightly) and 2012 (Keyska Diva and Freddie Mcgriff).

Tracy joined the board to make a difference. He wanted to help teach and do outreach for the younger generation, especially if they are HIV POSITIVE, as he was since 1994. He says that he is “not here to preach, and not so much teach… but to share my experiences and how they can come over any negatives; how to be yourself and still live a fabulous life.”


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