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Committee Chairpersons

Executive Board
(Jorge Solorio, Julie Kokoczka, Lucas Rangel, Brady McGill & Ernie Yuen)

Education & Community Outreach
(Brady McGill)

(Lucas Rangel & Julie Kokoczka)

(Ernie Yuen, Jorge Solorio & Lucas Rangel)

Food & Beverage
(Brady McGill, Frankie Sanchez & Julie Kokoczka)

Holiday Christmas Wreath & Ornament Auction
(Ernie Yuen)
"It Gets Better Las Vegas"
Outreach Program
(Ernie Yuen & Brady McGill)

(Brady McGill & Lucas Rangel)

(Ernie Yuen, Brady McGill, Frankie Sanchez & Jorge Solorio)

Men of PRIDE Calendar
(Ernie Yuen)

PRIDE Family Bingo
(Ernie Yuen & Jorge Solorio)

Youth Pageant
(Ernie Yuen & Jorge Solorio)

(Enie Yuen, Jorge Solorio & Julie Kokoczka)
"Patches: A Living AIDS Quilt" Outreach Program
(Ernie Yuen & Brady McGill)

Royalty Committee
(Ernie Yuen & Jorge Solorio)

"Safer Sex" Outreach Program
(Brady McGill & Ernie Yuen)

Special Events
(Jorge Solorio, Ernie Yuen, Brady McGill & Frankie Sanchez)

(Ernie Yuen, Lucas Rangel & Jorge Solorio)

(Frankie Sanchez, & Julie Kokoczka)

(Jorge Solorio)